What made you decide to portray angels as predators?

I can’t really say; it was one of those amazing ideas that just come to you sometimes. I was looking at a display of non-fiction books about angels, and the thought popped into my head: ‘What if we only think angels are good and kind…but really they’re not?’ Angel wrote itself very quickly after that.

Is Alex based on anyone you know?

No, Alex is based solely on himself. Most of my characters aren’t based on real people. (And if any of them are, I’ll never tell!)

Is there going to be a movie of Angel?

I hope so! The film and TV rights have been optioned, so fingers crossed.

Why did you bring Seb into the series?!

Seb’s had kind of a mixed reaction from readers – some love him, some hate him! I hadn’t originally planned on a love triangle, but when I was working out the storyline for Angel Fire I suddenly thought: what if Willow isn’t the only half angel? Sorry everyone, but I REALLY couldn’t resist the dramatic tension that introducing an attractive male half angel would bring. Because I’ve evil like that.

Are you Team Alex or Team Seb?

Let’s just say... Team Both.

What kind of research did you have to do for the series?

I’ve done research on guns, car repair, life in Mexico – on and on! Not to mention exploring all the different locales: my husband and I recreated the road trips in both Angel and Angel Fever, as well as travelling to Mexico City to research Angel Fire.

Is Angel Fever really the last book in the series?

For now, yes. I love these characters, but I’ve spent a long time with them. It’s time to move on.

Is Jonah (or Nina, or Beth, or Willow’s mother) ever going to make a reappearance?

You’ll have to read Angel Fever to find out. Sadly, I wasn’t able to bring back in everyone who I wanted to, but I did my best!

Will you ever write another series?

I already am! The first book will be published in 2015 by Usborne in the UK.

What else have you written?

Almost 50 other books, for all different age groups.

Do you have a particular writing routine?

I try to write a certain number of words each day. I’m pretty disciplined about this, but even so, some days are more successful than others!

What’s your favourite book that you’ve written?

I love all of them in different ways, but the Angel series has a really special place in my heart – probably because I’ve known Alex as a character for so long.

What’s your favourite book that you didn’t write?

I always find this question SO hard to answer – there are really too many to count! But some of my childhood favourite authors were Judy Blume, Lloyd Alexander and Tove Jansson.

Will you come do a signing/talk/event where I live?

Maybe! My publishers are usually the ones who organise my events. Tell your local school or bookstore to get in touch with Amy Dobson at Usborne, and it could happen.

What kind of accent is that?

If you’re asking this from the US, it’s because you think I sound English. If you’re asking this from the UK, it’s because you think I sound American. Well, you’re both kind of right: I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas, but I’ve lived in the UK for almost 20 years. My accent is very... unique now!

Will you read my story and give me feedback?

I'm sorry, but for legal reasons I can't look at unpublished work. However, I've written a book on how to write which you might find helpful - it has everything I know in it. You can find it here.